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Buying and Selling Goods for Students

So you’re officially a student. You have budget fit for a pauper (think ramen and spaghetti with ketchup), spend all your money on food and travel related expenses, and a extra flow of income of oh right, none. In other words, you’re strapped for cash.

What’s a good way of making money you ask? Sell your used belongings! Have clothes from last season that you know you aren’t going to wear anymore? Maybe old DVD’s and that half-broken in pair of rainboots? Sell it! You know you don’t have the room or closet space for it anyways, so why keep it piled up in the back of your closet for months on end?

Since I’ve started living in Stockholm, I’ve realized that there is a big buying and selling of used goods scene here (and throughout Sweden really, I’ve concluded it must be the eco-friendly, recycling nature of the Swedes). I’ve also since cleared out much of my unused goods and have gotten cash in return! Ca-ching! On the other hand, I’ve also scored some great deals by buying from the ‘used’ market, even though many of the times what I purchased was next to new in condition.

How and where did I do such things? Facebook and the Swedish version of the American Craigslist (but better in my honest opinion). Log onto Facebook and search for groups near you (say Stockholm in general, or a smaller neighborhood-specific group) – they usually begin with the words ‘Köp, byt, sälj i…’ (meaning Buy, trade, sell in…). You’ll find tons and tons, although many times you will have to first request your membership to be approved by an existing member.

Alternatively, you can log onto and browse listings of other peoples goods or list and post your own goods for sale (Note: there are small fees ranging from 5-30kr depending on which categories the goods your selling fall into).

Go on! List those unused goods of yours for sale and next time you are looking for that navy Barbour jacket or a new set of mugs, look at these places first to score a better deal – you’re probably going to find it for half off or less!

Get in the thrifty student spirit and have fun! 


Author: oliviavonsydow

New York City - Sweden

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