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Saving money on food!


I do not really like these blogs about saving money on food, simply because I think food is very important to you and one should not save on these kind of things. Further, a meal is for me also something I can truly enjoy. However, since I became vegan I started to experiment a lot with food and cook a lot of things and found some amazing things that I want to share with you that allow you to save money on food, make it easier for you but still the opportunity to enjoy.

The word is: FOODPREP!

OK maybe some of you already do this, but for me this was an eye opener. When I was preparing dinner or lunch I just made 1 portion at a time and it was very stressful, took much time and sometimes I ended up having a lot of impulsive food purchases that were not that good, unhealthy and very expensive. Hence, this is a way to eat healthier, better, less stressful and spending less money J

  • Step 1: Empty your schedule on a Sunday afternoon to prepare some amazing good food for around 3 hours;
  • Step 2: Make a list of 3/4 different amazingly good meals that you want to eat during the week, calculate the amount of groceries you would need for 2/3 portions;
  • Step 3: Do the groceries;
  • Step 4: Have your matlådor (food containers) ready, around 8, depending on the portions you have;
  • Step 5: Prepare your food;
  • Step 6: put it in the freezer and take it out whenever you need it and enjoy!

Have a good weekend!



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