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Students Survival Guide: Budget Lunch – SBS edition

During the day of a student being busy in the lectures or the library, there will the point of day when you can’t ignore the shivering noise of your stomach anymore and need to give your body some food. Due to the fact that there are no such things as student canteens with student-student prices in Sweden this is not the easiest problem to solve.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune every day on your lunch, there a several tactics, how to solve your problem.

Strategy 1: “BYOF”

The well-known concept of “BYOB” from nearly every student party can be translated to your need of every day lunch. “Bring your own Food” is a very prominent solution to the needs of food and a cheap price in Sweden. (For further details see post by Frank-Paul)

Strategy 2: “All you can eat”

Due to the fact that there are special offers in different restaurants during lunch-time, especially the all-you-can-eat offers are a comparably cheap opportunity to solve your need of food for the whole day. Some examples are the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet at PizzaHut or the all-you-can-eat Asian buffet at Rice. Both buffet offerings are around 100SEK. Even though the price is not too cheap, the possibility to eat as much as you can and don’t need to eat again makes it quite affordable.

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Strategy 3: “Lantis”

“Restaurang Lantis” is a restaurang at the SU campus and offers one of three different meals, changing every day, for 65 SEK if you have a “Kundenkortet”, if not 85 SEK. So far, so good, but the real advantage here is, that in the price, also a salad and bread buffet is included, which helps you to eat enough to get through the day.

Strategy 4: “Reschedule meal and survive with Fika”

If you are at university only during the lunch time it maybe also makes sense to just buy a very cheap fika or comparable combo and therefore kill the first big appetite and then postpone your meal to the point of time you are back at your apartment and able to cook you something nice and healthy.

I know my strategies are definitely not exhaustive, but I hope they still will help you to survive the daily student struggles and also can show that you always have affordable opportunities as a SBS student.

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