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Survival kit for dark times!


Yesterday we changed the clock one hour backwards and hence this means that it gets darker one hour earlier, and it gets light one hour earlier. What I did not take into account is that when I looked out of the window earlier today at 16:00, it is getting dark! Worse news: this is just the beginning… It will get dark around 14 later in the end of December. Because one of my previous blogs was about the cold winter coming into Stockholm, here are some tips on how to survive in these dark and cold days!

Step 1: Make sure you have the right winter equipment to keep you warm outside: a warm wintercoat, gloves, scarf, optionally a hat, warm socks, and good shoes that can handle the cold, but more importantly, the snow!

Step 2: Get a subscription at your local gym. Especially in times of darkness, it is important to work out in order torelease endorphines in your body to make you happy, reduce stress, ward off feelings of depression and boost self-esteem. Cheap subscriptions can be found at Fitness24Seven (Here is where I work out too) that also can be cancelled within 2 months, instead of a year. Other gyms are SATS, Nordic Wellness and Frescati Hallen.

Step 3: Go fika! As darkness can make you a little bit depressed it is important to stay sociable, have coffee and sweets with friends. Contact with other people could pep you up and hence, you would feel a little bit better.

Step 4: Cold winters mean warm and cozy times inside. It is time to invite your friends over for movie nights, pizza baking nights or just evenings where you drink wine. Put on your easygoing clothing and chill at your couch surrounded by a warm fire: it sounds perfect!

Step 5: Lunchtime? Go outside for a walk! As the days are quite short and you cannot enjoy much daylight one should take advantage of the sun or light that is outside, hence when you are busy and have to study all day, you can just go for a quick walk around the campus with a friend during your lunchbreak! Some exercise + social talk + sun = happy YOU!

Step 6: If you really miss the sun or the light outside, it would be advisable to take supplements in vitamin D according to several doctors and blogs.

I hope these tips will help you during the cold winter that is coming to stay alert, focused and happy! 


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