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Travel opportunities // Lapland Part 1

One of the very attractive objectives for travelling when being in Stockholm is Lapland.

As a student of the Stockholm Business School you basically have two possible options to book a trip to Lapland. You either book a student pre organized trip with Scanbaltexperience,, or you organize the trip by yourself.

If you are interested in booking the preplanned trips by Scanbaltexperience as a recommendation be quick and book early even though the trip itself is maybe one or two months ahead since there is a high chance that the trip will be booked out otherwise.

But if you missed the chance of booking the trip or the offered dates don’t fit your personal schedule it is not too hard and not too expensive to book and plan a trip by yourself.

The easiest and cheapest ways from Stockholm to Swedish Lapland are:

  1. Either taking a train from Stockholm to Kiruna/Abisko, taking about 16h (they are nighttrains, so part of the time you can easily sleep).
  2. Or you take the plane from Stockholm to the airports Kiruna or Lulea. For both airports cheap flights are offered by Norwegian Airlines (starting around 600SEK for both ways). If you now ask what the difference between both airports is, it is the fact that for Lulea more of the cheap-flights are offered but you need to take an additional train for about 6 hours to reach Kiruna/Abisko.

For having the highest chance to see the Northern Lights in Lapland it is recommendable but also more expensive to spend at least one night in Abisko. This night can be comparably expensive to nights in Kiruna, but should be worth the additional chance to have the full Lapland experience. For accommodation it is recommendable to have a look at

If you have some questions concerning the topic, feel free to comment, a second part is coming next week!

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