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Eating out in Stockholm.

To all hungry college students:

It should not be a surprise that eating out can be expensive in Sweden. It should be even less of a surprise that eating out in the capital of Sweden can be even more expensive. Yes, I’m talking about Stockholm.

With a wide range of fantastic culinary experiences, delicious meals and date nights can rack up quite the bill. But do not fear, you can still eat out as a student and have all these wonderful foodie experiences – just not every Friday night.

For example, I myself last night dined out at the Swedish sushi chain SushiYama, which actually wasn’t too shabby of an experience at all, for the total amount of 169kr. Since I shared my meal with another person, it technically only came out to 85kr a pop – not too bad if you ask me! See what I ordered below (in addition, miso soup came with the meal for the both of us):

My point is, eating out on a budget is not an impossible feat, even in ridiculously pricy Stockholm. I will include a few links that I would highly suggest all you food-loving students check out for some extra examples of cheap (but still extremely yummy eats) restaurant and meal options. Click on the bullet points and it will direct you to the site/page/app I’m talking about:

Trevlig måltid allihopa!


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