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Make the most out of your experience in Stockholm – Get involved!

Hello guys,

this week I have decided to tell you more about my volunteer involvement. I know volunteering is not as big in Europe as it is in the USA. However, I believe it’s a great way to make new friends, learn, network and enhance your resume!

I have decided to join ESN Stockholm. What is ESN? It stands for Erasmus Student Network.

The official presentation is: “Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a Europe-wide student organisation. Its goal is to support and develop student exchange. It is composed of around 13,500 members from 500 local sections in 37 countries in Higher Education Institutions, including universities, polytechnics, and university colleges.”

More information:

Official website:

ESN Stockholm University:

Wikipedia page:

Our main goal is to take care of International students like YOU! I saw the open call to join the Board and applied back in May 2015. I was lucky enough to be voted in by the members back then. I sent my resume, cover letter and a video (I was living in the USA last year).

I am a board member with the title of “Special Events chair“. My position is related to all the non-regular activities (day trip, sport tournaments etc…).

I organize student parties, pub crawl, “after work hang out” or some special events! We have some “sister” sections and we organize quite often activities all together. In this case, I organize some special activities for them.

I really like my position because it involves a lot of organization and management skills. In Stockholm there are 3 different ESN sections. Since September we collaborate with ESN Södertörn. We have created a “social event committee” so we organize all our special events together and we bring international students from ESN Stockholm University + Södertörn + KTH all together. Our events are always welcoming non traditional international students as well as local students.

We try to organize a student party at least 1x/month. We hosted previously: Welcome party, Homecoming party, Glow light party. This friday we will have our monthly party: “The Great Gatsby party“.

We have a committee meeting every week. We work on finding a good theme, finding the right nightclub, promotion deadline and materials (flyers, video trailers etc…) as well as decorations!

It’s really exciting because it’s a volunteer work but you get to see the results at the end! Each of our parties bring more and more students. Last party we had 600+ atteendes. Some of the most exclusive clubs in Stureplan contacted us to partner up with us. It awesome to be able to practice your business skills learnt at SBS to a real case! There is not too much pressure since it is a student event, yet money is involved so you need to stay professional.

I have learnt so much about the different skills required to organize some special events. I feel I also learnt a lot about the nightlife industry. I would even consider working in this field after graduation.

Being involved helps you to try yourself at some fun tasks and maybe create your future professional path?

There are so many ways to get involved in Stockholm! I hope you will make the most of out of it and find your path.

See you next week guys,



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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