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Travel opportunities // Lapland Part 2

What to do in Lapland

Ice-Hotel in Jukkasjärvi

One of the very well-known activities for a trip to Lapland is a visit and/or also a stay at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Jukkasjärvi is close to Kiruna. The whole hotel is made purely out of ice. You either can stay at one of their hotel rooms made out of ice, or having a drink at the ICE Bar, or dine in the ICE restaurant. (Who is now thinking about the ICE Bar in Stockholm, yes this Bar is also belonging to the Ice-Hotel in Jukkasjärvi). And for the ones being strongly in love, you also can get married there ;).


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Dog-sledding and Snowmobiling

If you want to do some typical activities as dog-sledding and snowbmobiling you can either book guided tours in the hotels or hostels you are staying in, but the prices there are obviously slightly inflated due to the amount of tourism concentrated at those places. Therefore, it is recommendable to check-out the local tourism centers. They will provide you with contacts of local operators of those tours, which should be able to offer you a better deal for the same offered activities.

Winter market at the sami town of Jokkmokk

This market traces back to 1605 where it was organized for the first time, when King Karl IX ordered to do so in order to increase tax revenues and get control about the nomadic Sami. The market opens during February (next opening is on February 3rd, 2016). On this market all sort of handmade stuff is traded from reindeer skins to wooden cutlery. To reach the market the easiest way is a bus from Lulea.

This is the list of activities so far.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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