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Hello guys,

this week I have decided to talk to you about a fun moment we had in our Finance class.

We previously studied “Principle of Marketing“, “Principle of Accounting” and now it’s time for “Principle of Finance“.

You can maybe be wondering what’s the main different between business schools? I mean they all offer almost the same classes, the same environment, top-notch teachers….

However, it’s in your daily life at a Business school that you notice differences. Last week during a finance lecture our teacher told us to connect on a website called “Kahoot”.

Everyone was wondering what is Kahoot at first… I thought it was only a website with some study tips.

It turned out that kahoot is an online educative game. Your teacher creates a quizz and then you can all play during a class to test your knowledge.

The teacher gave us a password so we are the only able to access the quizz. During 10sec we read the question and then we have 20sec to answer the question with 4 choice (A, B, C or D).

Each choice seems correct so it’s really hard to decide which one to choose in only 20 sec. However, it’s a good way to learn while having fun.

Yes, I did say “having fun”. At the end of each question there is a ranking of the class to see who is first and in the “Top5”. You get ranked according to number of points you have. To get as many points as possible you need to be the first to answer and be correct.

When the result showed up there was such an enthusiastic energy in the class with students cheering up and laughing that our teacher told us he felt he was at the final of the world cup of soccer!

This positive atmosphere made that everyone really wanted to be correct and in the top5 of the ranking.

Everyone chose some fun nicknames so it was not possible to know who was first or last; it was a good way to not stress over a game!

We all had so much fun and felt we were part of a TV game show!

At the end you could share your score with your friends on Facebook.

That is why I love SBS. You just don’t go to class, you learn with excellent teachers in a fun way. That is definitely what I am expecting from a business school. SBS shows me everyday that this is a top-notch business school with always new and trendy tools to teach!

Way to got SBS!

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Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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