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The Lowdown on Personnummers.

Hej allihopa!

Alright, let’s be honest here: most of you new to Stockholm University and Sweden are a little bit confused regarding all this personnummer/personal identity number fuss. Am I right? (I know I was for quite some time there when I first arrived)

Well, here’s a post dedicated to clearing it up once and for all. 

  • When you first arrive at the university, you will most likely not have a permanent personnummer, therefore you will be assigned a temporary one called a T-number (the difference here from the ‘real’ one is that the last four digits are fictive and thus can only be used within Stockholm University’s database, so don’t go trying to use it at a bank or whatnot).
    • Other institutions such as banks might also assign a fictive temporary number for you to use within their databases, but I would personally recommend you wait for your real one before signing up for accounts outside the university to avoid future confusion and hassles).
  • If you’re an international student who will be studying here in Sweden for 12 months or longer, you must apply for a ‘real’ permanent personnummer through the tax agency, Skatteverket.
    • For this you will need: 
      1. A valid passport
      2. A letter of acceptance/Notification of Selection Results from your university application as proof of your admission to a Swedish university
      3. A registration certificate
      4. A temporary address (or permanent if you have one)
      5. Information regarding if and which residence permit you hold

There! As mentioned above, applying for and receiving your personnummer will all be done through Skatteverket and if there is any changes to any of the information provided to them, you must change and inform them immediately! (also to avoid future hassles, which trust me, there will be if you don’t stay on top of updating your info).

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