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As I mentioned in my last blog post November has arrived and we should be aware of the fact that it means for now that Christmas is approaching. Among students, Christmas is the holiday where you spend time with family and friends and we all look forward to it. Not just for the sake of Christmas, but because of something completely different. If I would have made a student dictionary the word “Christmas” would have been described as follows:

Christmas: the international holiday students look forward too as it is associated with the closure of the academic semester: stress, deadlines, study nights until 4 am, exams and papers are supposed to be hand in all in once during the week before Christmas. 

In this edition some tips on how to avoid the stress and study nights until 4 am, unfortunately I cannot give tips in order to avoid the deadlines, exams and papers;-)

  1. Make a project plan of each project and identify the separate tasks;
  2. Estimate the time needed to finish a certain task;
  3. Make a reasonable time schedule where you can finish your work within a 40 hours working week (only 75% should be counted as effective working time);
  4. Always take into account some additional time because it might be the case chapter 5 of book A is more complex than initially thought and you need to do some more research in order to understand the main points;
  5. Make summaries, which requires you to study an article intensively and then summarize in your own words, the part when you write it down makes it easier to remember
  6. Find study mates and support each other in order to finish these bloody deadlines, exams and papers.

Hopefully this preparation would make your days before Christmas a little bit better. Enjoy!


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