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November = Movember

It is by now already mid of November and for me November always equals Movember. Did you ever wonder why in November you can see a lot of men in Stockholm who started wearing a more or less beautiful moustache (outside of Södermalm)?

For everyone who is not familiar with the word “Movember” it is built by the words “moustache” and “November”.

To begin with, I want to solve the question: “What is this Movember all about?”

In November all males (and all females are also heartly invited) who join the annual Movember movement start wearing a moustache for the whole month. The moustache then should create awareness for prostate cancer and other male-dominant diseases and should encourage others to start donating money on this cause. Since every collective idea for donations need a certain institution to organize this, Movember is based on initiative ( with the official aim of funding money for the future research about the male-dominant diseases and health.

Probably by now the question “Why are the people so selfish and focus on male-dominant deseases?” will pop up in your mind.

The easy answer is: because at the moment comparable life expectancy for men is about 6 years lower than for females. So don’t be mad at us for being so selfish J. We have a certainly good reason.

(possible variants of moustaches)

But beware:

Especially in the area of Södermalm not everyone you see with a moustache will be happy if you approach him and congratulate him on putting is efforts towards such a noble cause. He could feel offended in his individuality and will explain that he is strictly against such mass-movements as the Movember. Then he will turn around and the only thing you will see from him is his cloth bag with a funny sentence or random artist on it. 😉

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