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Hey hey everyone!

I wanted to clue all of you in, whether you are new or existing students here at Stockholm University, about the student union here at our school (you might know them also as ‘Stockholms universitets studentkår’ or ‘SUS’ – and yes, they are the people who are always dressed in bright magenta pink).

You have most likely seen the student union and their staff at some event or another here on campus and maybe you’ve even signed up for membership because someone told you about the transportation discounts you receive when you hold one. But who are they really and what the heck do they do?


  • their main purpose is to represent the common interests of students at SU
  • SUS staff consist of Student Rights Officers, an Environmental Health Officer, a PhD Student Ombudsman and a student ombudsmen who can help you with influencing your education here or assisting you when you may feel that you’ve been treated unfairly or wrongly in some event.
  • they organize numerous awesome student associations and clubs with their corresponding events and activities
  • they also employ International Student Coordinators who provide extra support to international and exchange students.
  • they publish a weekly newsletter during the semesters about activities on and off campus and other beneficial information
  • their membership offers you discounts not only on public transportation, but also at countless stores, textbooks, cafés and more! (see site for specific shops and sites)

What are you waiting for? Check them out at their website for more information!

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