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Nightlife in Stockholm

Hi everyone,

This edition will touch the concept of going out in Stockholm that I recently got to know again after speaking with both my Swedish and international friends.

“Does the party start at 21:00? – That’s so late!!” – Yes, usually preparties in Sweden start around 19:00, and then most of them are present as they want to go to clubs around 0:00, which close at around 03:00.

“I will only drink soda at the pre-party, because I ran out of alcohol and it is already 4pm.” Systembolaget, the only store that is allowed to sell alcohol in Sweden, is open during weekdays until 8 pm, Saturdays 3 pm but it is closed on Sundays. This means that if the store is closed you cannot buy any alcohol whatsoever, no last-minute wodka shopping or spontaneous parties anymore, PLANNING!! Further, if you go to a pre-party you usually bring your own alcohol. Alcohol is quite expensive so no one will expect that you will provide all your friends with spirits during a preparty if you invite them over.

“Why do I have to stand in line? I am on the guestlist!” – Especially here in Stockholm, people enjoy to queue before going into the club. This means you will have to spend on average one hour in the cold (like -5) in the winter. (in Summer it is much better!) You can skip the queue if you are on the guestlist of a club, which you will have access to as a frequent member, connections or yeah..connections.

“SHIT, I ran out of cash I need to go to the ATM. – No you don’t have to, I have never have cash on me!” – In bars and clubs credit and debit cards are the most common payment method. Even if you pay for the garderobe, entrance fee, drinks or toilet you can all do it with card payments. NO CASH POLICY!

“I should dance, buy alcohol but not look drunk.” – In clubs you will get thrown out if you look a bit drunk or if the guards just don’t like you. Hence, the concept of LAGOM applies here, just act normal and nothing more.

Hope I could give you some more insights in Swedish nightlife!

Hej dååååååå



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