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Interested in the Music industry? Join the IC committee!

Hello guys,

this week I wanted to talk to you one more time about the IC Committee. I went yesterday to the meeting of a “future project”. A lot of people expressed an interest in the music industry and so we decided to have a meeting to brainstorm ideas.


I am really excited about this future project. We had so many ideas such as guest lecturers, company visits or weekend get-away to network with professionals.

Some people suggested to visit Spotify (which is located very close of SBS).


Some other people suggested that we could visit the radio station NRJ or the music TV channel MTV.


We would like to try to organize a company visit every month starting in January. Finally, in March or April we would like to go to Berlin for a week get-away. We realized during our meetings that so many things within the Music industry happens there and so we need to be there! We were thinking going a for a few days in order to explore multiple companies. We talked about Soundcloud as well as some big label such as Universal Music.


As you can see we have a lot of ideas and options at this point.

In order to become a real project within the Business student union we need to prepare an action plan. We will have another meeting for this matter on Thursday, December 3rd at 5pm in Smedjan.

If you are interested to participate in this future project or want to give us any inputs please join us! In the meantime, you can share your ideas and join the IC committee by sending an email to

(Don’t forget by joining and participating in the IC committee you can get up to 3 extra points for your exchange semester).

Talk to you next week,



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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