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With beginning of November also two new, and also my last, two courses at Stockholm Business School started. I continued my previous choices and stick to the Marketing program, therefore I chose the courses Branding: Strategic and Cultural Perspectives as well as Market-Oriented Business Models.

Branding: Cultural and Strategic Perspectives


(Brands, so many Brands)

What is it about?

According to the syllabus the course addresses Branding in the context of Business but also extending the view to Social and Cultural perspectives, highlighting a broader view of stakeholders being included in the process of Branding. After the the first 3 weeks, we already have discussed intensively the topics of Brands equity, the value of a brand and started looking into the idea of co-creation of brands. With my strong business background, I am looking forward to the next weeks and the intensifying of different perspectives concerning brands.

What is the structure of the course?

The course consists of general lecturers and seminars. The lectures are used for content presenting and explanation by the lecturer with smaller amounts of interaction. The seminars on the other hand are used for intensive discussion of the required readings. Yes, the course consists of 3-5 readings per week, which are required and recommended to read for an interactive discussion of the content in the seminars. Examination in this course depends on three smaller assignments, participation and a final assignment. (for further details see the syllabus of the respective course)

Would I choose the course again?

To this point of the course I would definitely choose the course again, due to the broadening of my personal perspectives concerning brands. By the end of the course I will provide a revisited conclusion ;).

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