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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Sweden.

Hello all you lovely readers!

The wonderful time of year has come where we once again celebrate Thanksgiving and taking the time to give thanks to all that we are blessed to have in life- our family, friends, bountiful food, youth and of course, our education.

As an American, I am especially fond of this holiday. Besides, once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is that much closer to arriving, am I right or am I right? Always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, I wanted to share with you all pictures from my own little Thanksgiving dinner here abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. Although our meal may not be as big and abundant as it usually is back at home in the United States, its the meaning and memories made behind all these festivities (and gorging on food) that makes the holiday, wouldn’t you say? 

Take a look!  Our menu this year consisted of: 

  • Roasted basil chicken
  • Roasted vegetarian chicken (Quorn)
  • Garlicky Scalloped Potatoes topped with Swedish Präst cheese
  • Squash and Corn Casserole topped with Parmesan Italian breadcrumbs
  • Roasted Vegetables (Celery root, Fennel, Tomatoes, Potatoes)
  • Orange Plum Sauce
  • Honey-glazed Carrots
  • Pepper Gravy
  • Freshly baked bread (bought)
  • Swedish Pear Cider
  • Plum Pie (not pictured)

Everything on the menu aside from the loaf of bread and cider was homemade!

Happy Thanksgiving, good folks! Count your blessings and give thanks to friends (both new and old) and family – near and far!



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