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Will you move to Uppsala?

Hi everyone!

For those that take on the Master’s degree in Accounting, Auditing and Analysis will soon start the semester at Uppsala University. If you are an international student you probably would have chosen to live in Stockholm now, but what are the plans for next semester?

I had to make the decision last year as well so I will take you through my thinking. Initially I had some things I took into account:

Why Uppsala?

  • Uppsala is a smaller city, more university and student-like. This means that people have a different mindset than in Stockholm: students are more flexible, usually do not work extra and most student moved to Uppsala for studying, so also have a need to connect with others.
  • Student nations! The small fraternity-like clubs where you can meet many new people that study on the same faculty, have parties all week long and just enjoy your time.
  • Everyone bikes there! Meaning that you would not even need a public transportation card: it saves you 1050 SEK on monthly basis (Yes this is the cost for commuting to Uppsala from Stockholm everyday!).
  • Take on a new city, with new opportunities!
  • No travelling time: the pendeltåg takes you in one hour to Uppsala, but it is a lot if you travel more than 2 hours also taking into account that you have to do much group work.

Why Stockholm?

  • Stockholm is a bigger city with a better nightlife (more classy), more things to do and more opportunities for the long-term.
  • The big network you have set up in Stockholm needs to be maintained over the other period.

What did I choose?

Based on the above you might think that Uppsala is the better deal: more parties, cheaper: no travelling time and no costs. It is absolutely a great opportunity to spend you last years of student in different cities.

For me it turned out a bit differently, because my circumstances were a bit differently. I did not live in Stockholm, but in Norrtälje (which is one hour from Stockholm) and when I finally moved to Stockholm in December I did not want to move to another place again in the next month. Hence, for me the choice was easy: I lived in many different place in the past years and needed some stability and wanted to deepen my friendships made over here. Furthermore, I just got a leading position at a student organization so I wanted myself to commit to that as well. What I want to say with this blog is that the choices you make are never easy, and even if the pros outweigh the cons rationally, you should make the decision with your heart. Do whatever feels best for you!

Until next time!



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