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December: application month!

Hi everyone,


December, the month of presents and celebration of Christmas in the Western society. It also means, spending time with your loved ones. For others, it is just like any other month and for students is the month of last exams, assignments and so forth. Or it could be the crucial month to send in all the applications for autumn 2016. I will dedicate this blog on why I choose to be part of this Business School and why I think it is valid. Unfortunately I cannot blog it from my program’s point of view as the program will be completely new as of next year. There is an option now to finish the Master’s degree in one year by writing a one-year master’s thesis in the second semester! Enfin let’s go:

Why would I recommend SBS?

  • The MSc. programs have a limited amount of students that are taken in resulting in that you actually know your classmates and see them on a frequent basis. Especially during lectures and seminars this makes the discussion go much deeper and more interesting.
  • The phrase “you will get out of it what you put in” definitely applies to studying. I think that the more you put in learning a new subject, read additional material than the “required ones”, be active in the discussions you will learn so much more and get so much more out of your study life. SBS provides you the time to this actually, fewer time will be spent on lectures and seminars but more time should be spent on self-study and group work;
  • All classes have at least one group work elements, which enables you to learn to work with people from different backgrounds and to get to know multiple cultures and views. At work you will also not choose your colleagues so it is good to learn how group dynamics work;
  • Active student life at the business school, which allows you to have an additional merit on your resume, get to know more people, get into events with companies and learn to network;
  • Diversity in terms of students but also professors that will approach conventional definitions from a different perspective;
  • The third semester allows you to do whatever you would like to do: an internship in order to practice your knowledge, a semester abroad, law courses in order to get the CPA certificate or other fabulous courses at either SBS or other universities within Sweden;
  • And the campus is just beautiful!!

Don’t forget to apply before January 15th, have you GMAT ready by then! 😀 If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me of course.


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