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BAPS – Management


It’s crazy to think that we are already in December… I remember starting to post on this blog back in September.

I have studied so far: 1/ Marketing 2/Accounting and 3/Finance.

We have started now our 4th and last subject of business for this year in the BAPS Program. We are studying “Principle of Management“. Afterward, we will be moving to Political Science I in January. It will be weird because we won’t be at the Business School campus but on the main campus with all the other students. I am a bit excited because It will allow us to discover a new place with new people.


Management is the study of organization, leadership and human relations. 

For this class we have to team up with 4 or 5 different people to create a group. It was a bit complicated at first because we were required to form a group before attending the 1st seminar. However, we are really used to new technology and so thanks to Facebook and the Facebook group of our class we made that possible without any big troubles.

I think the best way to make new friends at SBS is through those group works. You need to work together on a project at different time than lecture and seminars. The setting is less formal than lectures. It is definitely the best way to bond with other classmates


We have done our first project. We had the case of a university that used to be efficient and performant but ended up losing all its workforce. We had to do an analysis of why that happened. I think it was great to work on this project because It was close to what management consulting is all about. We had to crack the case!


This friday my work has invited me to a traditional “julebord” for our Christmas work Party. I’ll tell you more about it next week.

See you then,




Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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