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Getting around in Stockholm during Christmas

The darkness starts at 14:00, snow flakes falling down the street and the cold embraces you the moment you step outside of the house. With the third advent Christmas is approaching and it is sooner than you think. As an international student is means that you are not so far away from going home to spend these cozy days together with your loved ones: for me my family and friends. In order to make these days special I want to surprise them with some really nice Christmas present and in this edition I will give some tips on where to buy your presents in Stockholm.

  1. If you like to go to a mall with most of the shops presents you should visit the following ones:
    1. Mall of Scandinavia: opened its doors a few weeks ago and with three floors and a huge surface designed with stores from brands all around the world one of the biggest malls of Sweden.
    2. Mood: is right around in Östermalm that gives you a stylish feeling with a variety of stores.
    3. Nordiska Kompaniet (NK): Quite a fancy warehouse with mostly designer brands sold on multiple floors.
  2. If you really would like to give something from Sweden you should visit maybe a Christmas market:
    1. Go around in the nature and visit the biggest Christmas market of Stockholm: Skansen. Perfect to go around, drink glögg and buy some really Christmassy things.
    2. Do you want to take it another way and want to ice skate while waiting for your hot chocolate to get ready? Go to the christmas market in Kungsträdgården where you can rent skates for around 60 SEK and go around the Christmas market that is right next to it.
    3. Is a Christmas market not enough for you? Then you can have both all the touristic stores and the Christmas market if you are planning to do the Christmas shopping on Gamla Stan. Right in front of the Nobel Museum you can find the cabins where you can buy typical food and other stuff.

These stores and places are the ones I have been to in order to do my Christmas shopping and also to have a good time while buying the presents with my friends. Hope it gives you some inspiration on where to go shopping in the coming week!

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