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In November I already posted about the course BSCP, but in the same month I also took a second course for the period Novmeber – January. The course is Market-oriented Business models.


What is it about?

The course is about the understanding and analysis of business models. During the duration of the course you get an introduction to the topic itself, but also go into detail about the specific parts of understanding different business models. These detailed topics range from for example Innovation to Leadership.

What is the structure of the course?

The course mainly consists of lectures held by the two lecturer. In these lectures content about the specific topic will be presented and explained and is then directly applied on a given in-class case in order to be able to put the learned theory into a practical context. For each of the lectures you also will have assigned readings. Examination in this course is based on a group project and the respective analysis of an existing business model, as well as a personal final assignment.

Would I choose the course again?

To this point of the course I would definitely choose the course again, due to the different perspectives on understanding a business model I was able to learn about during the course. By the end of the course I will provide a revisited conclusion ;).


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