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For all you fashion and design lovers at Stockholm University, this post is dedicated to you!

Today, we will go a little off the topic of education and onto the topic of Swedish and Scandinavian design, because hey, who doesn’t love the simplicity and functionality (think neutral color schemes and clean lines) of all that Scandinavian fashion encompasses? Here’s a few shops and designers that I would recommend you looking into, whether it’s for yourself or if you’re looking to bring back gifts for family and friends:

  • HOPE: clothing brand best known for its androgynous designs
  • Design House Stockholm: a Scandinavian design chain offering clothing, home and interior products, even porcelain items
  • WHYRED: offering sleek clothing designs inspired by the college-prep look
  • ACNE: Swedish label known for its jeans collection and accessories line
  • Ordning & Reda: design shop offering modern designs, everything from pens and notebooks to bags and wallets
  • Designtorget: contemporary design chain offering toys, knickknacks, books and more (several locations within the city)
  • and of course, who could forget H&M: visit the flagship store including it’s interior design shop H&M Home

Now would be a good time to visit these shops to do a little early Christmas shopping, wouldn’t you say? Or perhaps you’re just lusting for that something special to wear at the university’s next pub crawl?

Design lover,



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