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Traditional Swedish Julbord

Hello guys,

It’s almost vacation time (and Christmas time if you celebrate it)!

I am ready to board my plane tomorrow morning to go back to France. I will be working during my two weeks vacation. I will be taking over the morning crew at the radio station I work at. I will be live every morning 6Am to 9Am. I know it’s early but I am just so excited ! The morning show is really the best shift you can ever have. I will post an article about it next week.


(This is the studio I will be working at next week).

Anyway, I found an internship back in September. As you may know I want to use my business education to work in the field of the Mass Media and the Entertainment industry. I am really interested in the consulting aspect of media. One of the best strategy consulting firms in the world is actually headquartered in Stockholm. I am really delighted to be interning there since September.

We had our Christmas party last friday. We went out to have a traditional “Julbord“. A julbord is swedish buffet with cold and hot dishes.

We gathered close to T-centralen at 18h and we took a boat. The boat took us to a private island. We were welcomed by some Glögg (A traditional swedish hot wine).

Our boat was the M/S Tranen.


Our Julbord was held at “Carlshälls Gård” (A private conference room/restaurant on an island close to Stockholm).

We had a huge buffet with lots of fish, salmons and so on… there was also another buffet with hot dishes such as meatballs and potatoes. Finally, we had all the traditional Swedish christmas delicacies.

The food was extremely good ! We were about 100 in the room where different companies had their julbord work party. Some tables decided to have some “snaps” while sining christmas song.

We really had a good time. At the end, my company decided to thank us for a great year of work. We all received a book on our interest (mine was on the music industry) as well a bottle of champagne!

Such a fun night. I really feel spoiled to be working in such a great company. I wish I could tell you more about it and my work mission but I have signed a pretty strict privacy contract.

In any case, I hope you will make the most of your stay in Stockholm by finding an internship. There are so many international firms out there. Finally, you need to try a Julbord it was SO GOOD !

See you next week,



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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