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Julbord at work

Hi everyone,

Employers in Sweden usually organize a traditional julbord for their employees as a sort of tradition. And as many, I joined my julbord last week on Friday and it was so much fun! Just a disclaimer: if you are vegan there is nothing to except for potatoes and bread as the typical food contains meat, fish and milkproducts if vegetarian. This was one of the difficulties that I faced during the event, because as a vegan I am not interested in having any of the Swedish meat or fish. Luckily, a nice vegan friendly dinner had been organized by my employer and the local chef.

It was an awesome experience anyway. During the dinner people could speech and call to sing one of the songs that were written in the small little booklet on the table. I think these are typical drinking songs that could be sung during a sittning as well, and after singing everyone raised the glass “skål”-ed and shotted the schnapps or my case the absolute vodka. After everyone ran out of schnapps and was full of the food the dance floor opened for dancing until late night. An evening to get to know your colleagues even better, because you will have more time to mingle and ask more personal related questions. Also an event to meet other colleagues you usually do not talk to so much. It was the start of a great Christmas week.

Yesterday I flew back home to spend this amazing time with my family and friends!

God jul allihoppa,



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