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Exchange at SBS – A resume part 1

With Christmas coming up, also the end of my exchange semester is near. Even though I still have to hand in assignments in January I am leaving Stockholm today for some Christmas and New Years’ time at home. The right occasion for a first resume about my time as an exchange at SBS. Important tips for new exchanges arriving:

  1. Senior Buddy Program

The first contact with SBS after the official welcoming event is the participation in the Senior Buddy Program. The SBP is a program of activities run by current SBS students in order to help the new international arrivals to get to know each other and find some friends for the upcoming semester. The activities range from a bar visit to a day trip to some nice spots around Stockholm. A definite recommendation to join!

  1. Kraftriket – the campus

Even if you think in the first moment that you prefer to study at the main campus of SU, due to its size the availability of shops and the near T-station. But you will learn to love the cozy atmosphere of the SBS campus. Kraftriket offers beautiful red brick buildings and due to its smaller size a much better possibility to get into contact with your fellow students. Also the café offers a broad variety of drinks and meals, in order to help you survive your hard days of studying.


  1. Studentkort

When talking about the café at SBS and you are planning on actually buying one or the other coffee there and maybe from time to time a nice lunch or snack, it definitely makes sense to think about using the Studentkort, since you can use them in all Högskolerestauranger and will get you a 10% discount. It maybe won’t make the food cheap, but less expensive ;)!

This was my first part of important things about the exchange term at the SBS

Stay tuned for my 2nd part of the resume



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