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A new year – Resume Part 2

Today is the first day of the year 2016. And also the first day after the year 2015. Also in 2016 many exchanges will join SBS again. Therefore i want to use my last post for writing about the second part of my personal resume of my time at SBS.

  1. Accommodation

As an exchange it is totally recommendable to try to use the opportunity of student housing by the SU housing office. There are different student living areas established in Stockholm. The housing possibilities allow students to find a suitable accommodation without the struggle of the crazy Stockholm housing market and also no need for expensive furniture purchases since the rooms are furnished already. Also the student dorms are a great possibility to meet other people from the Stockholm University and make new friends.
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  1. Traveling

Being in Scandinavia, you have great opportunities to travel on a budget. From boat cruises to Finland or Russia, to a visit of the snowy Lapland or a weekend trip to Copenhagen. Different opportunities for the different tastes of travelers. Many low cost airlines are operating flights from one of Stockholm’s airports and train tickets can be very cheap when booked in advance. Also as mentioned in a previous post, Scanbalt also organizes trips for students.

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  1. Courses at SBS

SBS offers a broad variety of courses to be chosen when visiting SBS as an exchange. Make sure to have a look into the provided syllabus of the courses in order to know what you have to expect and also what you have to provide for succeeding in the course. Overall, it is important to know that SBS has still a strong focus on the lecture and seminar structure in their courses. For me it was definitely a very interesting opportunity to get to know this different style of course structure. And if you ever have a question about administrative stuff during your period as an exchange, the Office for Student Services are always happy to help.


This was the second part of my personal resume. If you have any questions concerning my posts, feel free to comment and I will try to give you a helpful response.

Since this is my last post as a SBS Blogger, I want to say thank you for my time at SBS and all the helpful and nice people I was able to meet.

See you



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