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Winter Wonderland

Hello guys,

we are having a nice “Winter Wonderland” currently in Stockholm. It has been and will keep snowing for a few days in Sweden.


We have some crazy temperature right now! Last night we reached -16* celsius (3 degrees fahrenheit) I was going to visit some friends last night and while I was removing my gloves I thought I was literally going to lose my fingers!!

12473640_970945856308926_5123585054343576898_oI am going to give you a few tips on what to wear if you want to spend a comfortable winter in Stockholm:

1*) Wear a pair of gloves! Otherwise…. well, let’s just say that you will be so frozen that you will be running to the first store to get some.

2*) Wear a beanie! I thought I was going to survive without one but it was so cold that my ears were stinging last night.

3*) Wear a sweatshirt under a winter jacket.

4*) Wear some winter shoes! After having spent the last few years under the sun, I have learnt that, YES, there are different kind of shoes.

5*) And if you feel like it a scarf.

If it can make you feel better Stcokholm is not that cold compared to the rest of Sweden. Last night it was about -42* celsius in Lapland (-44* far henheit).


Honestly, wit all the clothes that I told you above you will feel enough warm. I was expecting to feel a lot colder! In fact, you feel just fine if you are ready.

I hope to you see soon in Stockholm! It’s so beautiful 🙂




Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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