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New semester, new beginnings.

Hej allihopa!

Here we are in a new year, a new spring semester and as many would like to call it, a new beginning. Many of you have been dedicated students and readers of the blog now, but I know there are quite a few of you who are ‘fresh off the boat’ here in Stockholm, Sweden. Might I just say, Welcome!

Välkommen till Stockholm Business School! 

First things first, have all of you gotten settled in yet?

  • Are your courses registered? Do you know their schedules?
  • Have you received your temporary or permanent personnummer yet from the university?
  • Need to make a trip out to IKEA for some bedding, et cetera?
  • Know where to buy cheap groceries? School supplies?

If not, get ready for a SBS Newbie 101 post coming your way soon!

On a side note: Don’t be put off by the lack of sunlight and soak in whatever ‘light’ that comes our way ever so rarely.

Yours kindly,



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