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Newbie 101: Personnummers

Hej allihopa!As I’m sure many of you are wondering as I did when I first arrived to Stockholm University – what on earth is all this personnummer/personal identity number business?

Well, here’s a post dedicated to clearing this part of your ‘administrative’ newbie duties, a little at least (I hope):

•Right now, you will most likely not have a permanent personnummer, instead you were assigned a temporary one called a T-number (ending in four fictive numbers/letters).

•If you’re an international student who will be studying here in Sweden for 12 months or longer, you can apply for a ‘real’ permanent personnummer through the tax agency, Skatteverket. 

◦For this you will need: 

1A valid passport

2A letter of acceptance/Notification of Selection Results from your university application as proof of your admission to a Swedish university

3A registration certificate

4A temporary address (or permanent if you have one)

5Information regarding if and which residence permit you hold

All of this fuss is done through Skatteverket and if there are changes to any of the information provided to them, you must change and inform them immediately! Hopefully this cleared it up for you all a bit. 

Comment below with further questions should they arise! 




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