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Start of the new semester

Hi everyone!

The new semester has just started and it is crazy fun to catch up with everyone again after being separated for a while during the holidays. Currently it is crazy cold in Stockholm, the winter really started now, which makes me so happy! Last week we had temperatures like -20 so that was quite a thing. I caught myself talking to my mom saying that it is getting warm now, while the temperature is still around -8. Unless you like to lock yourself inside and watch movies, there are plenty opportunities to make the best out of the cold and snowy weather.

  1. Go for a walk
    Going for a walk sounds likes a very simple activity to undertake, but as it has been snowing for a while and usually the sun shines, it is just beautiful to enjoy the view you have regardless of whether you live in the city or not. During these walks you can calm down and empty your head while thinking about things that really matter to you
  2. Ice skating

Some lakes have been frozen completely, which allows you to go ice skating very close to the city. I have not been doing this yet, but it is certainly on my list!!

  1. Skiing/snowboarding

Oh MY…. This is just sooooooo cool! I really enjoy winter and especially the cold, the snow but more importantly if these are combined with mountains then I am extraordinarily happy because then there are possibilities to go snowboarding. Where? There are slopes very close to the city on Lidingö or Hammarbybacken. If you want to go a bit higher you can easily drive up to Dalarna 2-3 hours and go snowboarding there.


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