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The Master’s Thesis adventure

As I wrote in the previous blog, the semester has just started, which means for me that I am starting my fourth semester…. We can just call it THESIS SEMESTER! I do not really know what to think about it as I have never experiences writing a Master thesis to be honest. (hopefully it will also be the only master thesis experience) Due to stories I have heard from friends, acquaintances and complete strangers the thesis semester is a semester where you will need to sacrifice a lot in order to be able to receive that diploma at the end of the studies. It will be writing, writing and re-writing WITHOUT sleep.

To be honest, these are just the assumptions I have and from the sources stated above and I am really looking forward to the thesis. I might change my mind in a few months but this is currently how I am looking at it. I think that the most important thing is that you need to be passionate about the topic you are writing about in order to enjoy the journey. This will (perhaps) enable you to not care so much when you have to work during nights. Hence, the greatest thing about the Master’s Dissertation at SBS is that you are able to pick the topic yourself within your corner of expertise. We had to hand in the Thesis Idea in December and have been assigned a supervisor now, whom we will meet during the first meeting after handing in the Thesis Proposal in a week. I have chosen to investigate the area of intangible assets, which I think is very interesting.

During the Master’s Dissertation you will get full guidance from your supervisor with fixed meeting days at several points in the process. Furthermore, the course will support you with seminars to discuss the Midway report and Final Draft where you will receive feedback from peers. I think the most important part is that you align with your supervisor what you are going to write about and set the goal in collaboration. Then it’s up to you to make a planning on how to achieve the specific goal, which can be very beneficial as you then will only need to write without caring about administrative things. I am now really looking forward to execute the research and analyse the results (as a Statistics / Accounting nerd) .

I am ready for that Master’s Thesis adventure!





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