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Political Science I

Hello guys,

as you may know I am part of the BAPS program which stands for Business Administration and Political Science. Our program is designed the way we have the fall semester business courses and spring semester political science courses.

I am taking Political Science I which includes Political Theory, Swedish Politics, Comparative politics and finally International Politics.

We are starting with Political Theory before moving on to Swedish Politics.

Political Theory is all about giving you the basis to study political efficiently. It also provides the main theories in order to understand the world under a rather scientific way.

I quite like the seminar because we are in small group and so it’s easy to meet new people. Seminars are during 3h and half of the seminar is held by a group of students. We have a schedule with each groups that must present a topic. During half of the class we have to present a few texts of the topic as well as suggesting activities (debate, tv show, quizz …) to experience the idea and understand it better.

I already had my group presentation and it was quite fun. We chose to do a quizz for the first activity, we showed a Ted Talk for the second one and finally we created a little “game situation” as our 3rd activity.

Talk to you soon,



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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