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In the previous week I have laid an eye on the Ekonomernas dagar Facebook page and I saw that the application period is closing soon for the next event.

What is it?

Ekonomernas dagar is an event organized by Föreningen ekonomerna in order to bring companies closer to the students. As a consequence, you will get a chance to meet many companies that are interesting for business students. They will give general presentations and have stands when you could have more personal conversation with the representatives. An even better opportunity would be to participate in the interview sessions where you will have an individual session of around 20 min with a recruiter of that specific company, whom you can ask questions to and so on.

What to do before?

I have some tips for you to look into before you decide to apply:

  • Ensure your resume is up-to-date and eye-catching: you would need to be that person that stands out. Hence, include experiences and skills that are very important and specific to that particular company you are applying for.
  • Get a LinkedIn profile: nowadays LinkedIn is even more important than your resume. Recruiters use this social media more often to search for interesting candidates and might be looking into this profile before going through the resume you sent. Also here: be prepared and take some LinkedIn classes to understand what future employers are looking for and how you can brand yourself the best way.


Just a sanity check, did you prepare the following questions? :

  • What are your strengths and how could these be of contribution to your future employer’s organization?
  • What are your weaknesses and how could these hinder in your work? How would you work on improving them?

If you could give an answer to all the questions and did all the above, you must feel confident and write that application. Apply at before February, 15th!



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