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Political Theory

Hello guys,

it’s almost time to wrap up political theory to study swedish politics.

We have our last seminar tomorrow before having to complete an home exam.

The way this class works is that you get no tests. However, you have two essays to write. the first one is given at the start of the class and so you can get ready. The second one is a home exam. You get 72h to complete it. We will get the topics for our home exam tomorrow.

On friday we will start Swedish Politics.


After Swedish Politics I will get 1 month of break while my fellow classmates will study comparative politics. In fact, I have studied one year at a different university before joining SBS. I took comparative politics last year and so I don’t need to re-take it. If this is your case then it’s good to know that you can transfer credits to SBS. Think about doing it early enough so there is no rush!


Political theory was really interesting because it gives you a basic groundwork for politics. It gives you all the important theories. I would go as far as saying it feels like it’s a “philosophical politics” class. We take the most important topics and we redo them. What I mean is that we talk about them inside out and we judge their good and bad side. It was really interesting, yet challenging!



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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