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Today, I want to touch upon one of the reasons why Stockholm Business School stood out to me when I was deciding on which university to attend – and that’s the international focus they put on their programs, regardless of which major you ultimately decide on.

If you’re a student at Stockholm Business School, you’re most likely going to be presented with the opportunity to study abroad through the exchange agreements the school has with partner universities all around the world (of which there are around 100 partners in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Oceania).

Why is this important or interesting you ask? Well, think about it for a minute here. In the fast-paced economy and society thats going through rapid globalization today, it is critical that we as university graduates, provide an edge while competing with other potential candidates for work later on, and this edge comes in the form of cultural awareness and international experience abroad. Whether you’re interested in traveling to Asia, Peru, or perhaps even study abroad in London – you’ll have the chance to explore these options while studying with Stockholm Business School.

Besides, who doesn’t have a little wanderlust in them? Traveling the world? Yes, please.

For more information regarding exchange studies and semesters abroad, check out this link!




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