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As an international student in Stockholm you might have an urge to travel around in the country or in the Scandinavian/Baltic region. Good that you read this blog post because this is exactly where I am going to write about today! In this post I will give some tips on how to travel around here on a student budget.

  1. Take the boat!
    Every day many boats are leaving from Stockholm in the direction of Finland, Estonia and Latvia. If you want to visit one of these places and you have the time you should go on a cruise. It is very cheap to go by boat and it will give you a nice experience with friends, when you are partying on such a cruise. Viking Line for example has many discounts, so I went even once for free to Helsinki! Otherwise it would cost you around 150 SEK.
  2. Buy student tickets
    As a student under 26 years old you are quite lucky to live in Sweden as you receive discounts on a lot of stuff (that’s also why the Studentkortet is important). SAS and Norwegian but also SJ (train service) will give you discount when you travel to them within Sweden, in the Nordic countries but also outside. That’s also how I got so cheap to Copenhagen last weekend and only paid 800 kr!
  3. Airbnb and hostels
    Even if you really would like it, sometimes you cannot afford to stay at a hotel in one of the Scandinavian countries as it could be very expensive. Don’t be desperate then as you will find more fun outside of these fancy hotels. I really like to go to fancy places, but I enjoy good company more, which I found during my stays at hostels and Airbnb. Of course it is important to look at reviews and websites where to find the “good” hostels  as well as good hosts at Airbnb. It is relatively very cheap and totally cheap!

If you have any questions regarding travelling here in Scandinavia? Please don’t hesitate to comment here.

Hej då!


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