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What to do next semester?

Even though current semester just started it is important to already think about what your plans are for the upcoming semester. Stockholm Business School facilitates your development at the Master’s level by offering the most fascinating opportunities: choose a subject you want to dig into a bit deeper, can be related to your studies or not, can be at SBS or another university in Sweden or at a partner university elsewhere in the world. The other opportunity is to do an internship either in Sweden or abroad. I think you will learn and develop yourself a lot regardless of the decision you make.

I decided to take the Reflective Practice course and did an internship at a growing global IT organization that tries to change the world with its vision. Why the internship? This decision was made based on very personal factors. Of course I had been thinking about studying in another country where I had never been before and follow courses at one of these top universities, however I felt that I moved around a lot in the past years that I just wanted to stay put for a few years in one city and one country (which I almost managed by now). The pros were of course

  • Developing practical experience
  • Finding the links between the theoretical knowledge and the “real world”
  • Getting understanding about corporate culture and processes

I think that this experience has contributed tremendously to my personal and professional development especially within the fields of business development and finance / business controlling. These are the field I am very interested in to work with on a later stage after graduation so it was good to get a taste of how it could be. That’s is very good of the Master’s degrees that offer the opportunity to do an internship, it is flexible in the sense that you can take any type of internship ONLY if it would contribute to your development and add value to your Master’s degree of course. I would recommend to do this to anyone! So how will your third semester look like?

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