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Taking the boat to explore

Hello guys,

Last semester I wrote an article about the opportunity to explore Tallin by boat.

(link of the article:

This Spring I am going with a few friends international students to Riga !

Riga is located in Latvia and it’s the capital.


Taking boats in Scandinavia is really nice because it’s really cheap first of all. We paid 89 euros for 2 nights on the boat. It’s about 22euro for each person.

You get to spend about 7h in town so you can explore the city and then you go back to Stockholm.

The two nights on the boat are really fun because the boat is full of restaurant, clubs and so on! It’s always a fun time.


When you come to Stockholm you should definitely think about some weekend get away 🙂

The boat leaves on friday afternoon (17.00) and come back on the sunday morning (10.00) . This gives you plenty of time to relax and finish homework before starting a new week.

I hope you will go to Riga, Tallin or any other cities in the Baltic




Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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