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Adventure Lapland !

Hello guys,

if you have read all my posts it may seem to you that I travel a lot. It is kind of true to be honest 🙂 but this is a once in a time experience to travel the world.

Tomorrow I will be going away for a few days, I will be heading to Lapland !

If you come during an exchange or for a long term period you should definitely go there.

I have booked my trip through ESN (Erasmus Student Network) they organize plenty of trips whose the one in Lapland. It is quite cheap and include your accommodation and all the trips.

We will be visiting the Ice Hotel.


We will also be Dogsledding/skidoos.


We will visit some Sami family


And finally check out some incredible Fjords.


I just can’t wait!

Make sure to follow their Facebook page for update on activities and trips:

This is my last blog post in here. Upon early march a new team of bloggers will be arriving. I hope you guys enjoyed me posting. I really had a good time every week telling you about all my adventure. I learnt a few days ago that I will be going to SeoulSouth Korea for my exchange. I am incredible excited. I hope you will chose to attend Stockholm Business School 🙂



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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