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Hockey Match


Hello everyone,

My name is Walt, one of the new bloggers this semester.

Today I want to share my experience of watching hockey match at Globen as my first blog.

There are pictures below.



Thus, there are some tips to participate in watching a hockey match.

  • How to get the ticket

Initially, it was organized by Student Union of Stockholm University, thus we can get a discount if we are union number. Not only because it is a convenient way to get the ticket, but also the organizer would guide us the way to the place.

The alternative is go to to buy a ticket which you can choose the time as well.

  • Notices

Be aware that not everything can be brought into the hockey place, especially mental stuff, like water bottles. So take them away from your bag before you join the match.

  • Do like Swedes do

Swedes are crazy about hockey and a lot of watching the match without sitting on the seats. Cheering and waving all the time, that is the Swedish watching style. So, just do it like a swede do when you are watching the match.


The last picture was captured when the red team, Djurgården won the match.

Overall, hope you enjoy the brief introduction of hockey match and let go for watching it!!!


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