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Hello! I’m Nina, one of the new additions to the blogger team:

I’m from Rugby in the UK and in my first year of Global Management. I’m really looking forward to sharing some things from my time here so far, coming from a small town where everyone knows everyone to a place like Stockholm is pretty exciting – that feeling of moving to a city to discover big dreams, just a suitcase in hand and the sky the limit…

In my first semester last year however, I remember how stressful it was adjusting to living in a new country, let alone an actual city. Some days it felt like all I did was sit on the tunnelbana (metro) travelling to and from and that my brain was finally reaching it’s limit of data input.

Uni work, exams, being an incredible socialite and feeling like a tinned sardine on the commute home, it’s easy to feel swallowed up. I’ve come to learn the importance of putting yourself first and taking some quality slow time in a world of busy. And no, I don’t just mean eating a whole tube of cookies in front of Netflix:

  1. I haven’t heard many people talk about this so it’s likely still well kept info between those in the know (until now), but you can find bed-rooms on Frescati campus where you can go for a midday snooze. Perfect if you’re trooping through a long day despite a late night (of studying). Ask at the Studenthuset information desk for access.
  2. Begin your inner yogi journey! I’ve found no better way for mental focus and breezing through life than stretching my limbs out in 40 degree heat. If you’re tired of the mechanical-ness of a gym, Bikram yoga could be a fun change. Many studios around the city offer great introductory offers and student discounts, a simple Google search will bring some up. A good one is ‘Bikram Yoga’ who offer a month of yoga for 399 SEK. Cut a few beers from your nights out and you’ve got a ticket, believe me the inner zen is totally worth it. (
  3. One thing I love about Stockholm is how tranquil the vibe is with the whole city surrounded by forests and water. I was never one for Sunday afternoon walks or taking in nature but I totally get it now. It’s so nice to come a few minutes from the noise and rush of Centralen into the stillness of endless trees. Getting some lungfuls of O2 deep in the woods is nature’s way and is seriously picturesque.

Forest near my house / Lake behind SBS (!!) / Walkway near Gullmarsplan

Get your walking boots on, an SL card in your pocket and see where the day takes you, I’ve found the most stunning areas to be discovered by bus and getting off at all different stops!

Wishing you a fabulous day.


Author: Nina

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