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Museum Hunting

Hey guys,

It’s a  little bit late for posting blog this week. I want to share my experience of exploring Moderna Museet last week and give you some tips for visiting museums in Stockholm.

Take bus 50 to Lektorsstigen and change bus 2 to Stockholm Karl XII:s torg, you will see a yellow architecture in front of you, follow the road you will access to it. Of course, it is just the most convenient route starting from Universitetet, you still have alternatives. And the museum is for free.Moderna_Museet

I have explored much more about paintings from Paul Klee and Ivan Aguéli , and there are other exhibitions of other artists as well. Since there are not allowed to take photos, I just found some pics on online.


Egyptian Domed House by Ivan Aguél


Animal Monument by Paul Klee 

There are some tips,

1.It is better to check the open time before you go there. Most of museums are not opened on Monday.

2.On Tuesday most of museums are opened until 20.00, so you can explore them if you intend to you in the evening.

3.Keep your eyes on the website, because there are some different activities every week.

4.Do not forget share the wonderful experience with your friends.







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