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Sunday Brunch!

Today was definitely one of those beautiful days which, for all the non-Swedes, constitutes the sun showing its face even if it is still only 2 degrees outside. So after a Saturday evening well spent grooving the night away, a glorious day like today was only made for a trip to dine on some good food at a favourite breakfast spot – Greasy Spoon!


(Excitement got in the way of remembering to photograph my pancakes but here’s what my lovely pal Maja had. Oh boy, oh boy)

So if you haven’t already been or even heard about the place (!) Greasy Spoon do some rather top notch breakfast, serving till 5pm on weekends (winning). French toast, fry ups, eggs benedict…literally all that good breakfast food that flashes before your eyes on those days you wake up dying from hunger. The only great pain about this place, every time, is having to decide between so many excellent choices or whether you’re feeling sweet or savoury. The place has a really sweet English tearoom vibe to it, though, which makes working through a stack of toffee-apple pancakes all the better. Recommended!

On our exit, a graffitied door on the building opposite inspired an impromptu photoshoot:


…which naturally meant carrying on using the rest of the street…


With Greasy Spoon being located in hip Södermalm if you’d like to recreate a similar day of eating well and posing against colourful street art, it’s a good area to stroll through.

To end on a final note about the weather (don’t glaze over yet), earlier this evening as I sat content at my desk gazing out the window at a sky that was still not pitch black, I decided to get a Google-official time for when the sun sets now we’re coming into spring, and… 5:48pm! A whole 3 hours ahead from winter, this is a true sign that for all whose first Swedish winter this was – we made it.

Happy days, stay well!


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