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Good morning everyone! 

I don’t usually watch Melodifestivalen, but I do know that a guy named Frans has won and is going to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. For some reason, I find it too disturbing that his song

is way too similar to this one

Anyway, back to business.

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Spring vibes at Odenplan

The sun has been relatively good to us this week, and it’s getting harder and harder to find motivation to study. And I’m not talking about sitting in front of Google Docs and trying to write a line or two while occasionally staring into Instagram/Facebook/you name it. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cure to procrastination (please tell me if you do), but I do know some great places to study if you, like me, can not do anything productive at home and don’t feel like going to the SU library.

  • Snickarbacken 7/ Kaffeverket (website), Snickarbacken 7

One of my favourite cafés for one simple reason: they have matcha latte. The place itself is gorgeous and big, plus they are very chill with me sitting there for hours. I wouldn’t recommend coming here hungry as the food is rather expensive and let’s be honest, we would rather spend 70kr to eat at Vigårda than pay >100kr for a salad or a sandwich (which are by the way delicious).

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Snickarbacken 7

My trick for a long and successful laptop session at a café is to first order regular coffee (bryggkaffe), and then come back for a refill (påtår) and get some small pastry*. This way you have spent enough to not feel embarrassed for sitting there for hours and stealing their wifi. 

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There is one more room and a concept store to the right

  • Il Caffé (website), different locations

Il Caffé on Drottninggatan is good for group meetings while the one in Södermalm (Sofo) is more suitable for lonely laptop sessions. There, you’ll most likely sit next to freelancing journalist, bloggers, entrepreneurs which is why the place is usually packed with Macbooks. Il Caffé is also one of the few places in Stockholm where you can get Club-Mate

  • Studentpalatset (website)Norrtullsgatan 2

Studentpalatset is probably #1 place to go to study in the city centre. You access the building with your Student Card (Studentkortet or Mecenatkortet), which you need to register in the Reception. The building is open until 10.30pm on weekdays, there are group rooms one can book, quiet rooms and a café Prego. It can be pretty crowded with students from Handelshögskolan (SSE) during exam period, but otherwise there’s plenty of space for everyone. 

  • Citykonditoriet (website), Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 10

Having spent seven years in Stockholm, I only recently found my way to this incredibly hidden gem in the very city centre, which I’ll gladly share with you. To find this spot, you need to first find the church (Citykyrkan) and take the elevator to a third floor. You will then be rewarded with a gorgeous café in Gustavian style, high ceiling and delicious cakes (which you obviously need to purchase first).

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At Citykonditoriet

Hope you found this list somewhat helpful. Also, check out Nina’s post on how to slow down, we are not built to study 24/7 after all. 

Have a lovely week!

* many of my international friends didn’t know this and I don’t understand why nobody would tell them about this life hack. So listen up: when ordering bryggkaffe, you may have a påtår for free. You are welcome (very rarely do cafés charge 5 kr for this, very rarely).


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