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Dedicated to all of us staying in Stockholm during Easter break.

Greetings from the library.


(Using this photo of Drottningholm Palace to get your attention)

Most of my classmates have left to visit their family, while I am here celebrating the beginning of spring in the library. We have a paper due this Friday and, as per usual, most of the work is done days before (remember what I said about procrastinating in my earlier posts?) Ok it is not as bad as it sounds, but I am actually trying to make this post sound more dramatic than it actually is.

Here’s a song to get you in the mood.

/I am actually going to see James Bay live tonight, can’t wait!

So if you are, like me, staying in Stockholm during the Easter break – this post is for you. If you are traveling to a country that is not Sweden, well.. no comments.

Here’s some events taking place this week that will hopefully make these following days less miserable. Apologies in advance if you find this extremely unhelpful and boring – this whole week is overall rather poor on interesting happenings due to public holidays. 


Free breakfast @ Studenthuset (fb event)

Traditional free breakfast buffet at Studenthuset for members of the Student Union. Open 8.30-10.00, what a great start to a long day at the library.

CV workshop by Careerbuilder @ Lecture hall A2 (fb event)

This is an event arranged by AISEC Sweden and requires registration. They have invited an expert from Carreerbuilder that is going to talk about how to reach out to Google the dream employer, what to keep in mind before a job interview etc.

French Tuesdays (Franska tisdagar) at Zita (website)

In collaboration with French film festival (Franska filmfestivalen), Zita cinema shows a french movie every Tuesday during some period of time. This time you have a chance to see Free to run (Libre de courir) by Pierre Morath. The cinema itself is one of my favourites so get you ticket online and let me know what you think about the movie!


‘Japan Takes Place’ exhibition @ Etnografiska museet (fb event)

From their website:

Japan takes place is a mosaic of exhibitions, films and activities focusing on Japanese aesthetic and Japanese rooms. In newly produced films, you meet functional student homes in Tokyo and Swedish teahouse dreams. Collaboration with the architecture education course at KTH shows how new generations is being inspired by Japanese architecture and handcraft.


Pre-opening party at Johan & Nyström (fb event)

Have you lived in Stockholm for at least a month and still haven’t heard of Johan & Nyström??? This is your chance. If you know the difference between aeropress and chemex, if you want to know the origin of your beans etc, this place will be heaven for you. It is also a very cool spot for people-watching and drinking matcha latte. They have recently redesigned their concept store, so come by and check it out.

Drake night @ Kåken (fb event), Age 23+

Kåken is a fun place close to Stureplan that does not feel like Stureplan. Forget about arriving fashionably late, as the place tends to get pretty crowded before midnight.

Friday & Saturday.

Friday the 25th is Långfredag aka Good Friday and Saturday is Påskafton aka Holy Saturday. Both are public holidays, so check Systembolaget’s opening hours if you are planning a visit there before the weekend. These days should be spend with friends and/or family while consuming delicious food, or in front of Netflix watching House of Cards – whatever suits you best.


Retro gaming Sundays @ BrewDog bar Södermalm (fb event)

I think the name of the event says it all?


I hope you have found this somewhat helpful and if not… Hope you are having a lovely week anyway!



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