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Get ready to be a study machine?

Hey all,

How was it going with your exam?


I know it is a tough topic , especially Easter is around the corner. However, education system here in Sweden are different from most of other countries’, thus I want talk about a part of it-lectures and exam.

Just finishing  two final exams last week, and it was really a long week. And when you feel totally free after exam and probably want to hang out, and then find there still are assignments and group work waiting for you!

Okay, cut the cackle!!!

1.There are two periods in one semester.

Basically, one semester is divided into two independent periods, in which you have two courses. And each period last around two months, and you have to take the exams after the period, which means you will have exams every month, unless you want to retake the exam, though I do not recommend to do so.

2.Why professors push the way too hard!?

Last period, I had four exams during two months. Because some professors seem really like make their students’ spare time enrich and they will add some quiz in the syllabus !!!Well, okay, do you wanna study in library together on Sunday?

3.The duration of exam.

Normally it lasts for 3 to 5 hours, and remember to bring snacks and water in order to replenish energy during the exam. Otherwise, your stomach and your brain would have a fight.

4.Of course you can submit blank paper

You will have another chance to retake the exam during the semester if  you hand in  a blank paper. For those, you do not prepare well, it sounds a good new. However, for those who just want to get an A and submit blank paper all the time to repeat the exam, honestly, I do not get it. Fine, maybe it is first rule to be a study machine.

Good luck all!!!




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