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Explore other Countries during Easter

IMG_1Easter holiday is a great timing to travel and explore other countries. Living in local friend’s house and experiencing different life style.


The length of Easter holiday depends on the departments you belong to and courses are chosen. Normally, there are 3 to 5 days holiday. Fortunately, I had 7 days which I had decided to explore a new area-Germany. There were a lot of famous cities where I eager to visit. However, since the duration of holiday, I had to make a clear plan. Thus, finally we chose the western routine, which starts from Trier, passes Frankfurt, Heidelberg and ends with Cologne. The hard decision was that we had to give up to visit Berlin, a city which represents the history and development of the country.


Modern metropolis and famous resorts always the same, you cannot point out the distinguished differences easily. However, a small city or a small town are quite opposite. Thus, I want to describe my Trier Experience in this blog, since most of people are familiar with big cities.


Trier is a middle city which located at western Germany and near Luxembourg. Since one of my best friends lives there and we had a great opportunity to experience a real German life. After one night homestay and a typical German breakfast, we were on the way. Driving around 10 minutes, the small town Bernkastel, where the river Morzel passes by and divides the town into two part, one side called Bern and the other called Kastel. Old architectures, stone roads, ancient status, and harmonious people, all of these make the town unique. The feeling is like you walking in a place which only exists in fairy tale. And luckily, since famous for wine in the region, we had a wonderful time of drinking wine with my friend and her family. And driving about 40 minutes from my friend place, we arrived at the city-Trier, where a part of it was built by Roman. And  the famous spots are the City Dom, Caeser’s palace, Palace Garden and the Ancient Archway which was established thousands years ago.


Everything happened during these days are unforgettable, I still remember the views when I saw through from the car, the amazing homestay experience, the warm family,  the dinner on the mountain, and the long walking towards the Castel in dark evening . Falling in love with a place is not only because of the views the food, but also because of the people and the culture.


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