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The Best Tourist Activities in Stockholm

Hey y’all!

With Spring arriving and bringing better weather with it, today I wanted to talk about my personal favorite tourist activities in Stockholm. I know a lot of my friends have had friends or family from their home countries coming to visit lately, so I figured they probably are not the only ones!

Many of my friends know that I think of myself as a bit of a Stockholm tour guide, as I have pretty much been everywhere and done every touristy thing in the city. Twice or three times.

Here is my list of my favorite tourist activities in Stockholm:

1. Vasa Museum

The reason I have put Vasa as my first choice is because of my love for history and how much this museum will blow you away if you are into history as well! The preserved ship is amazing to see, and the museum is set up really well and allows you to see every step of what led to its sinking. For those who are brave enough, on the bottom floor they even have some recovered skeletons from the wreck… And on the top floor they have a selfie spot for you to take pictures with the ship!

Tip: Make sure you have gone to every floor and don’t miss anything!

2. Drottningholm

Now this was one of the later things I discovered, as I somehow was never taken here or heard about it myself (which is very strange) during my first few visits to Stockholm. Drottningholm is where the royal family currently lives and it is absolutely beautiful and worth the trip out there on a sunny day! I went twice last summer bringing family and friends who happened to love it just as much as I did! You can tour inside the palace house and theatres and some other buildings for a student discount, or for free you can explore the sprawling royal grounds that are great for you photographers out there!

Tip: I believe you can even take a boat out to Drottningholm from the city centre! Also, don’t miss the Chinese rooms – they are beautiful!

3. Fotografiska

Another great place for you photographers out there or hipsters and culture lovers, is the photography museum. Overlooking the water and the rest of Stockholm, this museum is situated perfectly for a nice fika or even drinks and a meal after you explore the museum. The museum’s exhibits change every few months, so if you have been before make a point to go again and see what new things they have to show you!

Tip: There is also a great outdoor cafe for when it is nice weather!

4. Stockholm Ghost Walk

For the brave and for the silly, I took one of these ghost walks last spring when my friend’s parents were in town. We had wanted to try it for a while and we were not disappointed! The tour guides are the best part of the walk, as they are very outgoing and humorous! I would highly recommend this as something you and your Stockholm friends can do as well. It lets you see Gamla Stan in a different way than you are used to when all of the tourists fill the streets during the day! For history nerds, this is also a great thing for you!

Tip: Book in advance!


I hope y’all enjoyed my recommendations for touristy things in Stockholm. I am guessing that some of you will have some new things to visit and if not some ideas about where you can take your guests! Feel free to ask any questions, and if you need some more ideas here is a great website to check out:


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