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Moving Places

I’ve had quite the life adventure these past couple of weeks, hence a pause in my postings to you all! What’s been news is a move of accommodation for me over the weekend just gone. For those who don’t know, Sweden is different (to the UK) in that you have to wait in a queueing system to be able to get a room in student halls, as opposed to automatically having a spot for first year. I’d been sharing a lovely apartment in the south of the city until now (see pic below for a glimpse), so not only does this mean that I can wake up just 10 minutes before a lecture and still make it on time, but I feel the authentic university experience has come.

Ah, I will miss pondering life’s questions at night from this desk

Of course, I totally underestimated how big a move is. I had two medium sized suitcases in the store cupboard I thought would be more than enough to fit everything I had and transport easily, in one go, over to my new place. It, however, never occurred to me just how much stuff one person can actually accumulate. Half full bags of food to box up, a shelf load of folders and stationary… packing to move certainly is a whole different game to packing for a week’s holiday. I would say going in with the expectation of an easy task actually made the process quite traumatic in the end. Though, once I finally got all my blue IKEA bags and suitcases full of stuff over to my new halls of residence, it was all worth the pain. I swore to myself however never to move again, or if I did I was only allowed enough to fit my two suitcases.

That sigh

Having come from a knowledge of how English uni accommodation is like, where you typically stay in halls for the first year before renting a house for the remainder years with other students, it’s been interesting living it out in reverse – I guess that sense of complete freedom has only just now come. As all keen students with that feeling do first upon their arrival into their student room:

a cheese and pesto picnic break!

Whilst it’s common for those studying at Stockholm university to have to find a place by themselves, with hope and determination you truly have a formula for success in room-hunting. There was definitely controlled panic when I first arrived, no place yet sorted to live, but it worked out in the end with persistence and was very much part of the adventure. Truly now, being in student halls is more exciting after such a long road. There are some great posts already written by previous bloggers under the ‘Accommodation’ category for finding a place so I won’t repeat any advice already given except to trust in patience!


The next project will of course be transforming a very beige corridor room into a magical cushion cave! (So anyone with any cool carpets…)



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